The holidays are here

Here at Sleeping Cat Creations, Christmas is here. Well, not really, but when you run a small business, you always need to be working ahead.

Today, I released my 5 Quick Holiday Gifts promotion in the International Quilters’ Guild, and over the weekend, I started adding new products to my online store over at Sleeping Cat Creations for a promotion I plan to release November 1.

Holidays also mean events. I’m getting ready for the Holly Days Craft and Vendor Show in Shippensburg on December 17, and teaching the Holiday Ornament class at the Council of the Arts on December 3.

Joe and I are also considering hosting a holiday open house for our neighborhood, we are getting ready to attend a Halloween party this coming weekend, and planning a quick trip away over Veterans Day weekend. Whew!

I love this time of year, but I do struggle to practice self-care during the busyness. How about you? Are you busy getting ready for the holidays?

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