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Sometimes, life throws a curve and you just have to roll with it. I’ve been working on a new program that I hoped to launch this week, but I got a horrible cold last week (that’s still hanging on) and my progress slowed to almost nothing. But you know what? I’m being easy with myself. The deadline was a self-imposed one, so I worked to change my mindset and the date :).

Then, today, life threw another curve. My 16-year-old cat, Monty, has a brain tumor. He was diagnosed about 3 years ago, and we didn’t expect him to live this long. He’s had a few seizures that I’ve witnessed. This morning, when I went to let him out of his crate (he is crated at night for his protection and my sleep), he had peed and thrown up on his cushion. He walked out to the kitchen and then to the master bedroom, where he threw up again and could not get up.

My husband’s been cuddling him today and we’ve been giving him water. He seems tired but otherwise OK. We had planned to go camping this weekend, and as of this afternoon, our plans are up in the air. Do we go? Do we take Monty with us? Do we want until tomorrow morning and see how he is? Do we reschedule or cancel our trip?

Uncertainty like this used to cause me anxiety, but I now try to roll with what life throws me. How do you manage curveballs?

Me and Monty in August 2022

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  1. Toni White

    I’m so sorry about Monty! I hope you will be able to go on your camping trip.
    Having my husband die at an early age, and babysitting grandchildren for over 14 years, I have learned to deal with what life throws at me.

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