Let’s Talk Rotary Cutters–Which is your favorite?

OLFA RTY-2/DX 45mm Ergonomic rotary cutter with Christmas tree crafts on OLFA RM-12S Rotating cutting mat

If you’re like me, you’re using your rotary cutter a lot this time of year. I’m busy crafting for Christmas, and I find myself reaching for my trusty rotary cutter often!

Like most people, when I started quilting, I didn’t know the difference among cutters, and I just bought something on sale. My first cutter was similar to this style:

Later, I changed to a Fiskars cutter. I actually owned three of these before I finally figured out that I kept breaking them so it probably was not the best style for me!

I have a terrible habit: I’m lazy. I like to pick up my cutter, easily engage the blade, and then set it down between cuts. With the first few models of cutter I had, the blade could be set to stay open, but it did not close automatically. I’ve cut myself more than I care to admit. I needed to find a better way.

I visit my heart-sister, Pat, every year, and this past May when I was there, I used her cutter… and I fell in love! It was exactly the rotary cutter I needed for my style of cutting! Squeezing the cutter’s handle opens it easily, and when I release the handle, the blade closes. It’s my new favorite cutter: the Olfa Ergonomic 45-mm rotary cutter. Of course, I had to get the beautiful Pacific Blue version.

OLFA RTY-2DX/PBL 45mm Pacific blue ergonomic rotary cutter

So, why did I break so many Fiskars cutters? I press down hard when I cut, and I would somehow break the mechanism that kept the cutter open, so it would close with the slighest pressure–which rendered it ineffective. I suspect I press so hard because I don’t change my blades often enough! Rotary cutter blades are a small expense when you consider the potential for ruining expensive fabric or injuring yourself by using a dull blade.

If you need it, here’s a refresher video made by Olfa that shows how to change your blade!

Go…. change your blade and cut something! But first, tell me in the comments: what’s your favorite cutter?

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